Pent sheds

Pent sheds are classified as being more modern than apex sheds. A pent shed is simply a shed with a flat roof (or a pent roof). They only have one slope. Despite it being viewed as a more contemporary option for a shed, pent roofs likely originated centuries ago. Pent roofs can also be known as flat roofs or mono-pitched roofs. While appearing flat, pent sheds are always sloped, whether it’s a minute or a steep gradient, to ensure rainwater runs off.

The gentler slope on pent sheds won’t necessarily cause any issue, but there’s always the tiny chance that a barrage of rain could lead to a build up of water on the roof.

With our buildings, we offer tongue and groove construction and green mineral felt on all of our roofs, to ensure the structure is as water resistant as possible. This ensures that even with a pent shed, you won’t have to worry about leaking.


Generally, pent sheds, while attractive, stick out less in their environment. This can be a good thing! The pent roof won’t intrude on any overhanging bushes or leaves, and the building will slot into the corner of your garden without any fuss.

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